Thursday, November 12, 2009


Another scan today. Horst (his pseudonym for now) is measuring 1 day ahead with a lovely heartrate of 154. My OB is fantastic - Martin couldn't make it to the appointment today so she took me to the super-duper machine one floor up so that she could print out better sonograms for him.

I also got two of my three midwives arranged. Have I mentioned lately how much I adore socialized medicine?! Insurance pays for one midwife for the birth preparation courses, a second midwife for the birth, and a third midwife who visits you at home for a couple of weeks to help with anything you might need. A doctor doesn't step in unless needed. I imagine this ends up costing significantly less than a US hospital birth, but I guess I'll never know as I won't see bills for the birth. :)

Next scan on Dec 3rd - official start to the 2nd trimester.


poppy.f.seed said...

I am so happy that H is doing well!!!
My friend, from the US, had her baby in Germany this Sept. and really appreciated how involved the midwives were! (she'd birthed here before)

Cynthia said...

Yay for another confirmation that all is well!

I'm very impressed with the 3 mid-wives following up on you, that must be such a relief and then the fact that it's all covered is an extra relief for sure. Go Germany! :)

What does Horst mean?

Anonymous said...

Hi. This is Silly Goose from VOX. Remember me? It has been so long, and I just checked back in on VOX and saw that you are indeed pregnant! That's awesome. I am sooo happy for you.

This time, it sounds like it's going to have a happy ending!

Ciao for now.


Anonymous said...

Yippeeeeeee more good news! Wow, I imagine you can see the "second trimester" in front of you like a mirage and how cool is it that you'll be part of that club very very soon? Very cool in fact.