Monday, May 21, 2012

Tick, tick, tock

So, here we are again. We're waiting, I'm typing. The big test is tomorrow - we find out if round #2 worked. Some days I'm sure it did, other days I can't imagine it could have.

Here's a weird tidbit - I find myself looking at twin strollers with envy. I never wanted twins. One pooping, vomiting, cuddly bundle of warm neediness is plenty of work as it is, thank you. So why do I think I want a total of 4 kids? We, of course, can't have 4 kids. We have no place to put them, and I'm pushing 38. So there's that. But if we end up with twins... well, that would make a total of 3 kids. Kind of a nice compromise. (Still don't have enough space for 3, but we could deal with that.)

We ended up with 3 viable embryos this time, all of which were transferred. For most people, twins would be a possibility. But this is us. To get Lene, we transferred a total of 9 embryos - meaning 8 didn't make it, for a whopping 11% success rate. For baby #2, the current count is 5. Let's just hope one decides to stick around and not get greedy wishing for 2.

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