Monday, March 15, 2010


I haven't had much to post lately, as I wanted to keep this blog focused on Myrtle and she's been fine. I will post a bump photo soon - there's finally a little to see.

Other than that, I've been trying to do all of the things that I know I won't have time to do after she's here. Invitation to dinner - why, yes! Movie on Wednesday - of course! The next few weeks are packed with social activities.

We're also considering doing a small renovation in our bathroom. We have no bathtub right now, although technically the bathroom is big enough for one. The previous owner redid the bathroom with a stupid layout, so we have a few choices:
  1. Redo everything into a sensible layout. Lots of work, lots of money, lots of dust involved to essentially swap the location of the toilet and the shower drain and move the washing machine connection. It would mean cracking up the floor and opening the walls. We won't be doing this.
  2. Change the direction the toilet is facing (e.g. move it from one wall in the corner to the adjacent wall in the same corner), then get a 160 cm tub. This might be possible and would only involve opening the corner of the wall and possibly a few centimeters of the floor. The tank is in the wall, like this:

    This is the most likely option, depending on quotes from the plumber.

  3. Get a 140 cm tub, but that means that Martin's knees are at his chin when he sits in there.
Also got up crazy early on Saturday morning to go to a kids' flea market way out in bufu. So worth it - I scored a €130 high chair (the one I'd been coveting) for €10 and a €70 bouncy seat for €12. Also: many clothes.

I guess I should save a little content for next time - I'll share about my mom's shopping madness soon.

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