Monday, January 04, 2010


Still not showing. I look like I had too many cookies chased by too many beers, but I definitely do not have a proper bump. I was a bit fluffy to begin with anyway, so I'm looking forward to having a belly instead of a spare tire.

The visit to the family was the best I can remember in a long time. I miss my family and have been weepy with the thought that they are going to miss the pregnancy and lots of Horst's first year. Have to get Skype up and functional, I guess.

For those of you not friends with me on Facebook, let me share some jeglagged wisdom with you: Air France sucks sweaty donkey balls.




poppy.f.seed said...

I had the same desire(to go from spare tire to belly) it happens rather swiftly, after 18 weeks, I think.
Hey, we should be FB friends!

emmazine said...

A former colleague didn't even know she was pregnant (!) she just thought she had stomach problems and was getting fat. No pregnancy belly at all. That changed in her 7th month (don't ask for weeks!) when the baby shifted - 2 days after she was "diagnosed" pregnant. My grandmother kept her pregnancy successfully a secret (it was war, she was over 40 and her husband was away)until she went into labor with my mother: the day my grandfather came back for a visit. So much for showing bellies!